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Who are we?

BrokerAuto.ro is a consulting and advisory company specialized in leasing services, vehicles sales/purchase, insurances, rent-a-car and car registrations.

The company's goal is to provide to our customers, legal people, self employed people/freelancers and natural people, optimal financing solutions for leasing, insurances and vehicle sales. We do not charge any fees from the beneficiary for the services rendered.

The financial benefits offered to our clients: we rely on personal relationships with our clients and we wish this to be a continuing concern. Also, collaborating with us offers flexibility, cost savings and consulting services of the highest standards.

We have professional relationships with all leasing and insurance companies in Romania, as well as with a wide network of car dealers in the country and abroad.

Using our services you forget about the worries regarding the possibilities of fraud, deception or other consumption issues that are becoming increasingly common.

Our team

Liliana Enisor
Claudiu Ghita
Managing partner
Cristian Matei
Acquisition Manager
Radu Constantinescu
Sales Manager