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Operational leasing

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Operational advantages:

- The payment of dues and taxes is made by the leasing company, not by the User, as in the case of financial leasing;
- It minimizes the time you spend for managing the insurance, taxes and revisions (all can be included in the monthly rent);
- Extending the life duration of vehicles and the increase of the resale value;
- Insurance that the maintenance of vehicles, respectively the revisions and repairs are performed correctly and at the right time;
- The best full-service price;
- Insurance that the warranties are honored;
- Reducing the vehicle's immobilization time and costs.

Fiscal – financial advantages:

- Payments-rents are fully tax deductible at the time you make them;
- 100% financing (no down payment) compared to the financial leasing which covers 75-80% of the price of the asset;
- Goods are not recorded in the firm's assets (balance);
- Financing through operational leasing does not affect the company's degree of indebtedness
- The company’s cash flow is less complex, clearer and more predictable (one monthly invoice);
- Can be financed along the asset itself other expenses, too (insurances, dues and taxes, maintenance, etc.);
- Residual value risks are taken by the financer.

Our company offers complete solutions in terms of operational leasing.

Operational leaseing represent the outsourcing of operations that are not part of the main activity of a company / companies . It is a perfect solution to increase economic efficiency mainly by relocating and concentrating resources in key areas.


In less technical definition, operational leasing is a rental property that pays for rent - use of the asset value on a period at the end of the contract , option to purchase the property is optional. In the lease, which equals the duration of the contract are included and related services such as:


- Equivalent revisions and repairs during the contract;

- Insurance (RCA, CASCO);

- Taxes and duties arising from use of the asset;

- Management of cases of damage covered by insurance;

- Other.

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