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Real estate leasing

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We can obtain an optimal financing for:

- Office buildings and logistics centers;
- Factories and industrial warehouses;
- Constructions from the project phase;
- Shopping centers and commercial areas;
- Apartments;
- Houses, villas, lands.

Services offered in the real estate domain:

- Legal and fiscal consultancy and advisory on leasing transactions;
- Coordination and monitoring of the contracts necessary for the investment;
- Monitoring of the invoices related to the construction activity;
- Control and monitoring of the deployment of the construction activity;
- Insurance services.

Our company offers complete solutions in the field of real estate leasing.

Real estate leasing is a financial instrument effectively in acquiring firms or homes. We particularly offer advantageous financing conditions:


- Contract length between 1 and 15 years;

- Advance of between 15% and 50%;

- Residual value 0% (included in rate) or 20% (paid at the end of the lease).

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