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Financial leasing

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We can obtain an optimal financing:

- Vehicles abroad (car, van);
- Trucks, buses, trailers and semi-trailers;
- Woodworking equipment;
- Construction equipment;
- Agriculture equipment;
- Industrial equipment;
- Production lines;
- Industrial machinery, tools and various equipment, etc.;
- New / second-hand equipment for a period between 1-7 years;

The advantages of financial leasing:

- The interest level and low advance;
- A deployment period between 1 and 5 years;
- The values of the premium fee as well as other contractual terms which can be negotiated according to the customer’s requirements;
- The installment system of payment of rents allows the avoiding of long-term immobilization of resources;
- A way of funding the user by the lessor/ financer for investments, acquisitions;
- The study of the funding file case lasts at the very most one day.

Our company offers complete solutions in the field of financial leasing.

Financial leasing is a legal relationship between three parties claiming two contracts.The Leasing company in the contract of sale concluded with the subject chosen by the user buys and under contract between the leasing company and the user (financial lease), the subject is given in the user's possession and usage.

Financial leasing grantes to the user the possibility that at the end of the lease to opt for one of the following three possibilities:

- Purchase the property at a residual value negotiated by the parties;
- Extension of the lease, the renegotiation of contractual terms;
- Returning the item in heritage leasing company;

Relationship between provider and user object is manifested by the fact that the leasing company gives the user all the rights under the purchase object, except the bare properties. Therefore, the user can directly impose on the rights of the guarantee shall be given subject, the warranty for hidden defects, including its service.

The contracting parties may establish that the expiration of the lease, after depositing an amount called the residual value, the user can obtain ownership of the asset used.

In case of financial leasing risks are borne by the user is obliged to ensure the object against all possible risks during the entire lease.

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