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Leasing FAQ

FAQ about leasing

Our offer contains calculations for financial and operational leasing.

Given the current financial-economic conditions, the duration of the leasing contracts varies between 12-60 months depending on the customer’s creditworthiness.

The minimum amount that the client must have is at least 20%.

Individuals, self employed people and legal people.

The dues are paid monthly with VAT.

The residual value is of maximum 20% and of minimum 1% of the asset’s supplier value and it can be chosen to include it in the leasing payments.

The leasing contract, together with all its annexes is elaborated by our colleagues. Its signing is done at a set date at company’s office.

The order is placed every time by the BENEFICIARY. After the preliminary negotiations of the BENEFICIARY with the SUPPLIER, it is obtained the LESSOR’s approval for the financing agreement, after which the firm order will be placed to the SUPPLIER.

At the signing of the contract, it is paid by bank transfer the advance previously established or the first leasing rate. The next leasing rates will be paid until the due dates by bank transfer to the LESSOR’s account.

Both the financial leasing as well as at the operational one, the owner of the asset is the Lessor throughout the entire deployment duration of the contract.

The lessor as owner makes the mandatory insurances whose costs are included in the value of the leasing of the first premium rate. The beneficiary can insure the asset that he takes in use for the risks not covered by the insurance of the Lessor.

Upon the expiration of the leasing contract, after the fulfillment of all contractual obligations by the User and after payment of the sale-purchase price (the residual value).

Is it possible to pay some fees in advance, it is possible to shorten the initial period of the contract, under the law and according to a written agreement between the contracting parties.

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