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Vehicle Liability insurance (RCA)

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The vehicle liability insurance is an insurance through which damaged third parties after a car accident, produced from the fault of the insured driver, receive compensation for the property damage and/ or the death or injuries suffered in that accident.

The period for which the vehicle liability insurance is released is at least 6 months or 12 months depending on the applicant’s option. The policy for car insurance is released for a month only if the vehicle has provisory numbers for the same period.


Any natural or legal owner of a vehicle subject to registration/ registration in Romania has the obligation to conclude vehicle liability insurance and to apply on the windscreen of the vehicle, in a visible exterior place, the vignette received with the insurance policy (it is indicated on the vignette how it is applied on the windshield).


The vehicle liability insurance aims to protect the damaged person, because he should receive compensation for the damages, regardless of the financial situation of the person who caused it. Thus, the vehicle liability insurance is both in the interest of the damaged third party and also in the interest of the person who caused the damage.

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