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House and asset insurance

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Our company offers you complete solutions for house and asset insurance.

This insurance can be completed both by natural and legal people seeking protection through insurance and who have an insurable interest.


There can be insured buildings for housing, company offices, shops, offices, warehouses, workshops, hotels, etc as well as their contents - furniture, electronics and electro technical equipment, merchandise stocks, materials, semi-finished and finished products etc.


What are the insurable risks?

- standard risks - fire, lightning , explosion, falling of aircraft;
- extended risks – the Standard risks to which are added the natural disasters - earthquake, flood , storm, hail, heavy rain, collapses or landslides – the weight of the snow layer, falling of objects on buildings;
- all risks – the risks above to which are added the special risks such as: accidental damage of plumbing, sewerage or heating installations, political risks, vandalism , theft by burglary or robbery.

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