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Travelling insurances

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Our company offers you complete solutions for travelling insurances.

Many people choose to spend their holidays abroad, aspect that brings, on one hand, the opportunity to spend free time in a pleasant and unique way, but also involves many risks in terms of health. For this, there is the travelling health insurance with which you can receive emergency medical interventions of 10-50.000 Euros worth for which you only pay 10-50 Euros, if you do your policy in the country, in useful time.


Many people can rely on the fact that they will not get hurt when they arrive in another country and that they will not get sick. You do not have any certainty that when you get there you will stay healthy. Unexpected situations may appear, such as a sudden pain teeth or a premature birth. In such cases, the patient, if does not have a travelling medical insurance will have to fully pay the medical costs, which can be up to 100 times more expensive than a policy that would have covered for free all these interventions.


A travelling medical insurance covers: medical diagnosis (for conventional medicine, not for homeopathic or alternative medicine), the non-hospitalized medical treatment, medical drugs and auxiliary materials that are on a prescription, emergency transportation by ambulance of the insured, medical repatriation, dental interventions only for emergency situations, most often in a limit of an amount, charges imposed by interrupting the travelling abroad, in the event of death, serious illness, premature birth, expenses for plane transport of a relative to visit the insured who is hospitalized and so on and so forth.


For short, a travelling medical insurance covers the unexpected risks, in any case not those expected to occur. In addition, there will never be covered the medical expenses for already existing diseases.

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